The Seed Program Celebrates 8 Years of Successful Pregnancies

That’s me, pregnant and teaching The Seed Program as a live workshop, inside the lobby of California Fertility Partners in Los Angeles eight years ago.

Given my successful track record of helping infertile patients, the doctors at CFP agreed to have me teach a class describing how I assisted in the successful pregnancies for over 1,000 patients and subsequently optimized my own formerly-infertile body to create two kids against the odds, using what could best be described as a “mind-body-diet-lifestyle-emotional healing approach” to fertility that I had formulated inside my acupuncture office.

Though I felt conflicted teaching at a fertility clinic while pregnant, Dr Guy Ringler helped me change my perspective, pointing out that my belly served as inspiring proof that what I was teaching actually works!

With that in mind, the live Seed lectures began. And he was right. The women in the audience heard my stories and listened intently to the ways in which I had made changes to my mindset and diet. They appreciated hearing how I found the courage to have a repeated surgery for endometriosis, and how I reframed my attitude about living a life of service to the infertile community into a life lived on purpose.

Each Tuesday evening, I would pack a cart full of food samples, recipes, handouts and poster boards to explain to receptive ears how I completely changed my body (and mind) to “optimize” it for maximum improved fertility.

I explained how each week of the menstrual cycle has a different emotional theme and requires different nutrition in order to bring optimal fertility.

The women were fascinated to learn that there is much they can do to help make their cycles successful. Instead of talking about eggs and ovaries and cycle outcomes, I used gardening metaphors, which helped the women feel less like “science experiments” and more like wise gardeners empowered with information about how to grow a fruitful garden.

When participants arrived for the first lecture, often they wouldn’t make eye contact with each other. Soon after hearing what all I had gone through to reach motherhood and what I have learned about women going through infertility, the ladies overcame their vulnerability and revealed emotions ranging from disappointment and disbelief, to shame, fear and negativity. 

By the end of each lecture, the women were connecting with each other. They were feeling perspectivized and hopeful again. They opened their hearts and minds. They shared food samples and listened to the various simple ways they can help themselves reach their goal of motherhood. They related to the stories of women I’ve helped conceive despite years of trying, as the stories helped them believe that they could also get beyond an infertile diagnosis.

After three years of teaching live, it became clear that the information needed to go beyond this clinic lobby to help more women know what is possible with a little direction and effort.

In January 2014, I launched — a website that weaves my lectures, women’s testimonials, daily recipes and emotional journal questions into a self-healing, online fertility course. The material inside is riveting enough to simulate the experience of attending the lecture in person, yet it’s conveniently done privately online.

What started as a grassroots effort inside a fertility clinic in Los Angeles is now an international learning system that’s helped women all over the world heal infertility.

We’re about to release the newest version of in 2018. It will be just as inspirational, educational… full of meditations, recipes, and insightful information, but it will be even easier to use on mobile devices!

The new version will include:

  • -What to do during the months of waiting while trying to conceive
  • -How to have an amazing egg-freezing cycle
  • -What to do to heal from miscarriage
  • -What can be done to help regulate menstrual cycles for women who are not ovulating
  • -Fertile Thoughts meditations to help women calm and strengthen their sense of hope

The unconventional methodology of getting women to think differently about their infertility has helped many women opt out of IVF and became pregnant naturally, and helped even more to optimize their egg quality to create better embryos and uterine lining to find success through science and medicine.

The Seed Fertility Program continues to grow and help women recover their “fertile confidence” once again.

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