The Role of Self-Help in Overcoming Infertility – Honoring Louise L. Hay

This weekend Hay House Publishing released the news that founder Louise Hay has passed at the age of 90. To those who don’t know, Louise is to be remembered as the original “self-help” author, with her book You Can Heal Your Life selling more than 50 million copies.

As I understand, Louise’s book first started as a pamphlet that she gave away for free because she wanted as many people as possible to entertain the idea that thoughts determine our health. Having overcome tremendous personal traumas (rape, abuse, divorce), she took to writing from the heart – in an attempt to heal suffering created by subconsciously holding onto life circumstances.

Much like the spiritual concepts I share in Stick It to Me, Baby! (published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House), Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life presented the idea that you if you are willing to think differently about what’s showing up in your life, then you’ll have the power to change it for the better.

The pioneering work of Louise Hay paved the way for the self-help movement – inspiring millions of people to start taking responsibility for their thoughts and behaviors in order to improve their health and reverse what she termed: dis-ease. She boldly introduced the practice of using affirmations and visualizations to reverse disease.

In fact, it was her book that I turned to back in 1995 when I was nearly crippled by fibromyalgia. Louise taught me that I could help myself –forming the foundation for my work as a fertility acupuncturist and being the basis for my ability to create two healthy pregnancies naturally despite premature menopause and endometriosis.

Infertility is one condition where “self-help” should be a mandatory aspect of treatment.

Women and couples need more guidance beyond what their doctors can provide. Infertility patients need more than statistics and smoothie recipes they find online. They need to repeatedly hear the message that they have more control over their outcome than they realize.

The Seed Program offers daily affirmations, daily visualizations, self-help tools, meditations and inspiring true stories… all of which help fertility patients keep perspective despite repeated disappointment.

My experience has confirmed what Louise knew all along: You Can Heal Your Life, and that includes healing infertility.

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