Unexplained Infertility Success Story

Unexplained infertility is particularly frustrating and gets your mind going, wondering constantly, “Why can’t I get pregnant? Why am I having trouble getting pregnant? When will I get pregnant?”

The Seed Program is an excellent resource for women with unexplained infertility, because its daily guidance system addresses the idea of “subfertility” – the idea that a woman with unexplained infertility is not infertile, but that her body and mind simply need help reaching a more optimal state of fertility, where she will be successful in her efforts.

Seed helps women learn the best ways to get pregnant. Often Seed students are able to pinpoint the area(s) within their lives to focus in order to become more fertile.

Elizabeth found ways to increase her fertility using The Seed Program, learning how to relinquish the need to be in control. She surprised herself and doctors by beating the odds!