Blocked Fallopian Tube Success Story

Science told Sara that she had no chance of natural conception because she had blocked fallopian tubes and therefore needed IVF. Initially she was skeptical to participate in Seed because she thought she was healthy and already knew what to eat, but ultimately she attended and was surprised to learn about the symbolism behind blocked fallopian tubes.

Energetic blockage and close-mindedness can work against our fertility efforts. Blocked fallopian tubes are a perfect example of this. The Seed Program wisdom suggests how to open blocked fallopian tubes naturally, using a different way of thinking.

Sara went through IVF and conceived, then miscarried, at 24 weeks. She says that the Seed Program provided her with the emotional support and tools to grieve her loss. She shifted her mindset to a more open way of thinking, addressing what potentially caused a blockage in the first place.