The Seed Fertility Program Masterclass



When you enroll in The Seed Fertility Program Masterclass, you gain lifetime access to all of the unique guidance and wisdom collected from nearly 20 years of successful treatments. This comprehensive program includes every course that we offer! 

And it starts with learning about the 4 phases of your cycle:

There are 4 distinct phases of your menstrual cycle that include the interplay of shifting hormones that cause your follicles to mature, ovulation to occur, and successful implantation. These 4 phases are key to understanding what’s going on within your body while trying to get pregnant!

Whether you’re working with a doctor or are trying to conceive naturally, Seed teaches you how to optimize each phase for increased fertility:

  • Phase 1: Cleanse and Release the Former Cycle
  • Phase 2: Prepare Optimal Quality Eggs
  • Phase 3: Support Implantation
  • Phase 4: Keep Hormones & Moods Stabilized

Inside The Seed Fertility Program Masterclass, you’ll find:

  • The best diet to improve your fertility. Use food as medicine for boost and balance, according to where you are in your cycle.
  • Easy recipes outlining exactly what to eat and when, in order to create the best gametes possible.
  • Proven tools and self-discovery exercises to address unresolved emotions that threaten to steal your joy and take up space in your heart and womb.
  • Specific information to address your mind, body and spirit ~ for each day of your cycle.
  • Plus guided meditations to help calm your nervous system during this often stressful time.

Feel better about this time in your life as soon as you begin using the supportive information found within this collection of online courses that has a reputation for turning “infertile” women into mothers, often against great odds:

I suffered a miscarriage 3 months prior to starting the program, and felt completely lost and hopeless. I struggled with knowing which sites to trust, what information was accurate, and how to have control in a way that was beneficial and helpful instead of harmful. I really appreciated having a place to go each day to address both the physical and emotional parts of my fertility. My husband was able to follow along with me as well and it was really nice to feel as though we were in this together. This program was incredible and truly a lifesaver.

-Anonymous, 35, Los Angeles

When you enroll in this Masterclass, you receive access to all seven online courses including: While Waiting, Men’s Seed Program, Successful IVF, Fertile Thoughts, and Fertile Foods courses, Egg Freezing, as well as 12 Meditations to Improve Fertility. You also receive exclusive DAILY content, found only inside The Seed Program Masterclass.

Still have a few questions?

Take a look and see how easy it is to incorporate this amazing course into your daily life… Then you can start improving your fertility today!

How long is the online course? Several weeks, months, or ongoing as long as someone is in treatment or trying to conceive?

The program includes information for all “28 days” of a typical fertility cycle and you will use it as long as you are doing fertility treatment and trying to conceive. Once you purchase the program, the material is yours for life. When we make upgrades to improve the user experience, you will not be charged for the upgrade…the improvements become yours automatically for free.

Can I start the program at any point during my cycle, or do I need to wait until the beginning of my next cycle?

You can do it either way! If you jump in now and familiarize yourself with all of the content in the course (meditations, format, the dietary information that changes depending on where you are in your cycle), then you can start today get support at any point in your cycle, whether that’s when you’re approaching ovulation or during the 2 week wait.

Know that there’s an abundant supply of supportive material in the course for the post-ovulatory days! If you tend to feel anxious or worried during that window of time, it would be great to sign up now, and feel supported during your current cycle.

❊  How much time do I need to spend in the course each day? I want to make sure I have time to do the course if I sign up.

Understood! Generally students in the course spend about 15-20 min per day reading the daily material &/or preparing the foods. There are also 12 different meditations, each averaging 15 minutes; so listening to a meditation would obviously add some time to your daily time inside the course.

❊ Are there other recommendations inside the program for which I might need to budget money–such as massages, supplements, etc.?

No. There’s nothing additional recommended inside beyond our suggestions of “Fertile Foods” and “Fertile Thoughts”… There’s no surprises and expensive gimmicks inside. Just straightforward, time-tested, doctor-approved advice presented from a mind-body perspective.

The program is a combination of “Fertile Thoughts” (i.e. meditations, affirmations, inspiring videos, journal questions and unique education), and “Fertile Foods” (shopping lists and recipes/foods to eat each day of your fertility cycle). Specifically, you will be relieved to find 3 or more easy-to-find foods suggested daily to balance your mood and your hormones, and improve eggs/sperm.

❊ Is the entire course done online?

The program is done completely online. It’s private and there is not a community forum attached to the course. This is a self-paced program that supplies women with emotional tools and dietary information that effectively improves the quality of gametes and embryos, and cycle outcomes.


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