Meditations to Improve Your Fertility



Using the delta brainwaves and binaural pulsations included in Liam Bradbury’s Binaural Visions, these deeply relaxing meditations blend neuroscience into reproductive science to address all aspects of healing infertility.

In this course, you’ll practice using subconscious programming in the form of meditation to support your fertility efforts. We’ve created 12 meditations that address each stage of your fertility cycle, including recordings for the day of your Embryo Transfer and the anxiety that comes during the 2 Week Wait.

These meditations:

  • Plant seeds in your subconscious that will help change your habits and thoughts, in order to improve your fertility.
  • Help calm your anxiety during a process that feels out of control.
  • Are some of the most important tools you’ll use to get in touch with your intuition and reframe your trouble trying to conceive
Meditations to Improve Your Fertility by The Seed Fertility Program includes the following meditations:
  • Fertile Thoughts 
  • The Uterus Is the “Second Heart”
  • Flowing Through the 4 Phases of Your Fertility Cycle
  • Nurturing the Spirit of a Mother
  • Cultivating Your Fertile Garden
  • Increasing Your Fertile Potential
  • Balance Within the Womb
  • Transforming Loss Into New Life
  • Seeing the Bigger Picture
  • The Waiting…
  • Invisible Support
  • The Day of Your Embryo Transfer

The changes you’re making now can create a more fertile you, and they are supported with the practice of meditation.


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