IVF: Create a Successful Cycle



The Seed Fertility Program has helped many women get beyond the chronic disappointment of failed IVF cycles. The tips, guidance, food and recipe recommendations, and guided meditation found in this course were created by Danica Thornberry, L.Ac., a fertility acupuncturist with over 15 years experience working with fertility patients and their Reproductive Endocrinologists in order to improve their chances of having a successful IVF. This course is a collection of the best advice we can give!

In this course, we:

  • Help demystify the new and evolving science of reproduction
  • Teach you how to optimize your body’s response to IVF medications and protocols
  • Include a guided meditation for your Embryo Transfer to ensure you’re as calm and focused as possible on this very important day
  • Help you feel less intimidated by the process and more prepared in general

Get access to food and recipe recommendations that help support fertility medications and your body’s needs during your IVF protocol. We provide specific guidance for what you can do to best prepare your body, mind, and spirit for each step of your cycle:

  • Suppression Protocol
  • Follicle Stimulation Protocol
  • After your Egg Retrieval
  • Preparation for your Embryo Transfer, including the night before this very important day
  • The day of your Embryo Transfer
  • Supporting implantation after the transfer
  • Thoughts on bedrest – what’s right for you?
  • How to balance emotions during your 2 week wait
  • Preparing to receive your test results

We’ve helped many women get to their children by providing this unique support and helping you know what to expect during a time of heightened hormones, expectations, and vulnerability. No matter what your particular circumstances are, you will benefit from this course that improves your chance of success by blending holistic medicine and lifestyle changes into the evolving science of IVF.


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