Healing after Loss


Healing After Loss is a standalone digital course that acts as a companion to the Seed Fertility Masterclass. Healing from Loss covers: Learn grief-resolving strategies that will help you heal, let go of pain and guilt, create space for love and life, and move forward in your fertility journey. Read more about this course below.

healing after loss

a New Course from SeedFertility

When nothing else has worked…

This course teaches you how to resolve your FEELINGS following pregnancy loss, as well as the loss of the dream of easy family-building.

You CAN do it. We have put together the tools & information you need, and feel confident they can help you. We’ve seen these tools help other women in a place similar to where you are now.

There’s something right about you. The fact that you’re here shows that you’re ready and willing to show up and transform heartbreak into important emotional healing. It IS possible to move forward.


It’s what we DO with time that makes a difference in our healing.

Recovering from pregnancy loss and getting over the lost dream of easy
family-building takes the RIGHT TOOLS.

Re•solve (verb):

to make clear or understandable, to reach a decision about, to make progress from dissonance to consonance, to deal with successfully.

Resolve is what’s waiting for you inside this new course that keeps you focused on grief recovery.

The HEALING AFTER LOSS Course is right for you if:

You’ve had a miscarriage or repeated losses

You’ve lost a child

You’ve lost the ability to trust your body

You’re processing the loss of the DREAM that family building would be easy

You feel stuck, BUT YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN HOW to move forward. . .

Are you ready to feel supported and learn how to
release much of the heartbreak,
anxiety, and grief that the loss(es) have caused?


When our lives lead us to experience trauma, depression, disappointment and chronic stress, the unresolved conflicted emotions can get stored in the body and cause health problems. This is one way that stress affects the womb.

Psychologists call this “traumatic resiliency.” We use a metaphor: weeds in a fertile garden.

We’ll teach you how to remove the ‘weeds’ from your garden and create space for new life.

Soon you’ll be emotionally ready to try again.

It IS possible to recover from pregnancy loss.

Keeping your mind and heart open, you’ll learn how to resolve the grief that’s been keeping you stuck. You’ll also overcome the fear of it happening again, as well as the fear of not experiencing a family.

When you finish the HEALING AFTER LOSS course, you’ll have much more resolve, and the ability to live in the present moment — instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about what may (or may not) happen in the future.

Giving yourself permission to be pregnant again. . .

means saying GOODBYE
to the PAIN caused by the loss.

Restore your lost fertile confidence

Knowing HOW to talk to yourself about the loss(es) and how to navigate your journey following loss can improve your efforts to conceive again, and help you feel better in the process.

Inside the
healing after loss course, you will find:

  • Strategies for healing grief that really work.
  • A pre-recorded webinar with coping strategies to get through holidays, friends’ news, and the hard days of remembrance.
  • Journal questions that lead you to feel ready to release the pain from the loss.
  • Links to helpful TED videos about moving forward after grief and loss to support the work.


All of this would cost thousands of dollars in traditional talk therapy.

We’ve put it together in one comprehensive online course that you can access any time and take at your own pace for $199.

don’t keep waiting when it is possible to feel better.