Fertile Foods & Thoughts



Help yourself manage the anxiety that comes with trying to conceive.

Fertile Foods and Fertile Thoughts combines our 2 most popular courses to give you the mind-body approach to fertility that makes a huge difference in cycle outcomes.

In these comprehensive courses, you’ll learn:

  • What to eat, when, during your cycle, in order to use food as Fertile Medicine
  • How to reduce inflammation with Fertile Foods
  • Alternatives to comfort foods like coffee, alcohol, and sugar to satisfy cravings and bring your body and hormones into balance
  • How to easily incorporate these new foods into your existing diet
  • Recipes that are delicious and easy to make!
  • How to stimulate pituitary-ovarian feedback in order to signal greater fertility
  • How to gain new perspective on your fertility journey
  • How to train your brain to become more fertile and receptive
  • Journal questions to help you dive deep and gain higher understanding
  • Awareness exercises to help you face vulnerability and understand the cues of your body

Fertile Foods & Thoughts Includes the Following:


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