Egg Freezing



Freezing your eggs is an empowering decision, and this course will help you see it that way! With the unique material presented in this course, you’ll become prepared for your upcoming egg freeze¬†through:
  • Clear, structured guidance about diet and nutrition for optimal egg cell development
  • Food and recipe recommendations that help improve egg count + quality, reduce bloating, and remove unopposed estrogens post-cycle
  • What to expect while taking ovarian stimulation medication
  • Fertile Thoughts content that will help you maintain perspective during your egg freezing cycle
  • Awesome personal discovery exercises that help you prepare and address the mental and emotional aspects of egg freezing
  • Real stories from women who have gone through it
  • Specific instructions to help you recover faster after your cycle is complete
The effort you apply now will help ensure that the eggs you freeze are the best and healthiest they can possibly be. In taking this course, you’ll see how possible it is to allow your experience of egg freezing to be one where you feel confident, healthy, hopeful and empowered!


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