Overview of The Seed Fertility Program

What is The Seed Fertility Program?

The Seed Program is a doctor-approved combination of holistic and biomedical guidance specifically designed to help fertility patients improve their chances of having a healthy pregnancy.  Since 2001 we’ve studied fertility patients and the resources available to them, and found it to be overwhelming, confusing or ineffective. So we compiled what we’ve seen make the most positive impact and put it together in a lifestyle-based learning system that addresses the emotional and nutritional needs of women who want to optimize their bodies for pregnancy.

Why recommend Seed Fertility to your patients?

2 Steps to New Outcomes

It’s an affordable, integrative resource

…holistic and biomedical wisdom dispensed daily, in an easy-to-follow format that keeps patients perspectivized during fertility treatments.

Your patients will see improved egg and embryo quality

…eating Fertile Foods supports every aspect of egg development and hormonal fluctuations; while learning Fertile Thoughts helps create emotional balance.

Fewer questions for you to address!

…The Seed Program courses provide a comprehensive overview of how to navigate IVF + Egg Freezing protocols, answering the question, What else can I do to improve my chances?

The Seed Program: An Integrative Approach to Fertility Treatment

A Modern Online Fertility Classroom

Patient outcomes improve drastically through the combined efforts of both Eastern & Western medicine. Providing patients with daily knowledge of how to utilize both, gives them an edge.

Seed Online Course

More to Offer Your Patients!

Renewed Fertile Confidence

Knowing what to expect during a typical IVF, IUI, or Egg Freezing protocol reduces overwhelm and engenders a positive mindset.
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A New Perspective

The Seed Program teaches patients how to skillfully navigate the physiological and emotional changes that accompany hormone stimulation – before, during, and after the cycle.
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Dietary and Supplement Education

Patients learn simple foods & recipes to get the most out of their cycle, including how to:
  • Release unopposed estrogen from prior cycles
  • Create optimal conditions to improve egg quality and quantity
  • Reduce bloating and discomfort post-retrieval
  • Support implantation and prevent cramping
  • Balance blood sugar and mood swings during the two week wait

Mind-Body Exercises and Techniques

Guided meditations, journal exercises and personal self-discovery work gives patients an outlet for the wide range of emotions along the way.

Daily Guidance

Fluctuating sex hormones affect mood, mindset and behaviors. We teach women what to focus on, what to eat, and what to expect based on what’s happening in her cycle.
Understanding Your Cycle

Powerful Testimonials

Inspiring video testimony from other women who have been in similar situations provides a feeling of community and invisible support.

Empower your patients by giving them something to do with their nervous energy!