How to Find More Joy and Feel Less Like a Failure, Especially at the Holidays

Winter holidays are all about peace and joy, right?

If you’re trying to get pregnant and it’s not happening, so much social focus on the JOY this season brings can begin to feel like repeated little jabs. If you’re not constantly meditating and perspectivizing, you’re likely to slip into feeling angry, frustrated and even mad at the women around you who happen to be on their way to motherhood before you.

That’s not your best self. But how can you stop the madness?

I’ve learned from sitting with infertile women for the last 16 years that this season is full of self-evaluation.

And in general, women who are trying to conceive who haven’t yet succeeded conclude that they’ve failed miserably. But instead of “failure”, I invite you to try on a different point of view, and see this time as an opportunity to reframe disappointments, and look at your fertility struggles from a different angle. 

For example:

✥ Has your frustration led you to yoga, meditation or psychotherapy?

✥ Has the grief brought you and your partner closer together?

✥ Have you gained some interesting insights about yourself and your tremendous amount of resolve and persistence?

✥ How about the fact that you’re now able to find gratitude for the some of the things that are working in your life?

Learning how to reframe and shift your thinking will help you feel better and more in control along the way to baby. It’s one of the most valuable tools I teach inside The Seed Program, but it’s a skill that takes practice.

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