An Affordable Infertility Treatment Option

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“I need support, not another thing to buy.” A very frustrated infertility patient said this to me earlier this week in her acupuncture session. It really resonated with me. Given the billions of dollars women throw at infertility, is it really about affordability, or was this woman’s angry cry for “support” an indication of how frustrated … Read more

3 Tips to Increase Male Fertility

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When we compare what couples go through to have a baby or to create IVF success, it’s tempting to think that his contribution is less significant. After all, he’s just “giving a sample,” right? Well, yes and no. Sure, it’s easier to evaluate sperm quality than it is to test eggs. Men have far more gametes than we do and he’ll continue replenishing his supply … Read more

A New Way of Fertile Thinking

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This post was originally part of our 12 Days of Christmas email campaign.  When women say Yes! to having a baby, the experience is supposed to be one of joy. When that joy shows up as disappointment, it doesn’t take long for women to: Lose their sense of “fertile confidence” Compare themselves to friends who have kids … Read more

Doing IVF? 5 Ways Your Partner Can Help

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The entire focal point of an IVF protocol is about how the woman, in particular, is performing. With so many expectations on her body, so many ups and downs, and emotional reactions that naturally pop up in this very unnatural process, how can your partner better support you during IVF and feel more involved in general? … Read more