How to Reframe the Stress of Infertility

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Infertility presents women and their partners with various stresses constantly — yet, knowing how to reframe those stresses makes a tremendous difference, not only in your outcome, but also in how you get beyond this challenging time in life. Consider the following 10 scenarios and their matching reframes. Think if you’ve been in a similar scenario yourself before, … Read more

Picture This: 3 New Roles to Embody when Trying to Conceive with Infertility

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When you’re trying to conceive with infertility, appointments, lab tests, procedures, and hormone injections require so much energy and commitment, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the process. That’s why one of our favorite tools at The Seed Program is the practice of envisioning yourself in one of 3 new roles based on where you … Read more

How to Heal Infertility: Understanding the 4 Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle

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It’s vital when learning how to heal infertility that you understand what’s happening in your body during each week of a typical menstrual cycle – even if (and especially if) you’re doing IVF, or are having trouble ovulating. Knowing what’s “optimal,” how your cycle works, and having tools to work with along the fertility journey is … Read more

12 Fertility Insights From The Seed Program

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Insights are new thoughts for you to ponder as you continue going deeper into the spiritual aspect of your baby making journey. There’s truth to each of these insights, and the degree to which you resonate with each one gives an idea of how you might be viewing this time in your life — and if you’re doing so with relative … Read more

11 Fertile Mantras

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One of the biggest ways that The Seed Program has helped its users is by teaching them how to use the Fertile Thoughts, because it’s really different than simply telling yourself not to be negative. Incorporating the Fertile Thoughts into your life works best when you have a fertile mantra to focus on, and ideally you repeat it … Read more

Improve Your Fertility With These Simple Daily Tasks

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This post was originally part of our 12 Days of Christmas email campaign.  Even if women say they feel depressed about their infertility, they still have lots of mental energy swirling in their heads, wondering what they can do to get to their babies. Very often the women who fill the fertility clinics are smart, successful, highly … Read more

6 True Story Videos From The Seed Program

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Sometimes we need to see how other women have made it through harrowing times. How grateful I am that the following 6 women, who once appeared at my office having no reason to believe that a new set of food guidelines and some new thinking would actually turn their situation around, volunteered their very personal … Read more

2 New Fertile Concepts

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As I healed my own fertility, I discovered that the foods I ate, either: Made my period worse and contributed to a general sense of feeling negative, tired, wired or depressed,  OR… After eating I felt satisfied, stabilized, more energetic, and less irritable! I started calling the second group of foods “Fertile Foods” because the more I ate those foods, … Read more

A New Way of Fertile Thinking

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This post was originally part of our 12 Days of Christmas email campaign.  When women say Yes! to having a baby, the experience is supposed to be one of joy. When that joy shows up as disappointment, it doesn’t take long for women to: Lose their sense of “fertile confidence” Compare themselves to friends who have kids … Read more