How to Trust The Process When Infertility “Sticks It to You”

Being able to trust that life will unfold how we want it to and result in the happy ending of a healthy baby can require the utmost faith and confidence. Trusting reduces our doubts and creates a sense of safety, but it’s not always easy, especially when dealing with infertility. Sometimes we need tools to help … Read more

Fertile Foods to Promote Ovulation: Creamy Avocado and Pineapple Smoothie

Sources of good fats combined with enzymes make this smoothie great for promoting ovulation and stabilizing blood sugar. When your blood sugar is stable, you feel less anxious and more calm during times of stress. Finding ways to stay calm is particularly important when your body is preparing for ovulation. To find out why, and … Read more

Why You’re More of a Mother Than You Think

Sometimes life turns out to be different than originally planned. If you’re going through infertility, the fear of not being able to mother a child may be diminishing your confidence or make you question your innate ability to nurture. Choosing to imagine what life might be like as a mother can awaken something within you that … Read more

Highlights from the Integrated Fertility Symposium 2016

Along with 400 other acupuncturists, naturopaths, and medical doctors, I attended 4 days of information-packed sessions at the Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver this past weekend. Speakers at the conference covered everything from the newest technical advances in IVF to how to increase men’s participation in their healthcare. It was a lively and inspiring few … Read more

From Detour to Destination: 4 Ways to Reframe Infertility

When you’re trying to get pregnant but have not yet succeeded, it may seem like everyone around you is conceiving so easily. Suddenly you see pregnant bellies, babies and mothers everywhere (even if you’re avoiding them), and they often strike a yearning deep inside of you. You want what they have, and you may feel … Read more

Doing IVF? 5 Ways Your Partner Can Help

Male and female hands surrounding paper cutout of 4 person family

The entire focal point of an IVF protocol is about how the woman, in particular, is performing. With so many expectations on her body, so many ups and downs, and emotional reactions that naturally pop up in this very unnatural process, how can your partner better support you during IVF and feel more involved in general? … Read more

5 Tips To Become a Mother Against The Odds

woman holding hand out to sunset

If becoming a mother is the thing you want most in life and it’s alluding you, your desire may become all you can focus on. This can perpetuate negative, depressing thought patterns that keep you stuck and feeling hopeless. If this resonates with you, I would ask you to consider: What is already working in your life? What is already … Read more

It’s the Knowing That Keeps Us Going

Double exposure of woman and hands in prayer

How many times this week did you say to yourself, “I don’t know how I can keep doing this,” with respect to your path to baby? Every pregnant-friend online post or announcement, every negative pregnancy test, spotting, cramp or disappointment threatens your ability to stay open to what’s hopefully coming to you someday. When women … Read more

How I Overcame Infertility

Woman sitting on a path in the forest

Infertility is often described as a journey of self-discovery. I tell my patients that this journey requires willingness to work through some deeper complex issues and find creative ways to reframe chronic disappointment. Each menstrual cycle moves us along this journey – we’re going forward, but with no guarantee that we’re heading toward a baby. … Read more

What Recurrent Miscarriage Taught Me: A Patient’s Perspective

Worried woman looking out a window in a white sweater

This blog post is from an actual Seed Fertility Program student and Well Women Acupuncture patient. GT is 46 years old and lives in Los Angeles. To know that my story of recurrent miscarriages (aka “habitual loss”) wasn’t unusual or singular would have made my experience less traumatic. To know I wasn’t the only woman bound … Read more

8 Strategies to Optimize Thyroid Function for Fertility

Couple grocery shopping with produce in cart

Thyroid imbalance affects the physical body and the energetic body. If the thyroid is not functioning correctly, it can create an obstacle to fertility. Audrey Guss, L.Ac., specializes in the treatment of thyroid, adrenal gland issues, digestive issues and chronic health conditions at Well Women Acupuncture in Los Angeles. Here, she shares 8 strategies to optimize thyroid function for fertility: Reduce … Read more