33 Stories to Keep You Inspired On Your Path to Baby

Stick it to me, baby! Book by Danica Thornberry

All too often we withhold our stories of what has happened in our lives — out of shame or fear that we will be misunderstood or judged. This is especially true in the infertile community. This growing population of women and couples grieve in solitude, and keep their struggle to conceive a very private matter. … Read more

This Will Change The Way You Think About Your Fertility

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When you want to learn something new or do something you’ve never done before, you open your mind to learning all you can. You buy books, you take classes, and you seek out experts who can help you reach your goal. Let’s face it. Many of you may have met your partner after delving into personal-discovery … Read more

For When You’re Ready to Feel Better…

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Yesterday on Facebook, Resolve asked their followers to “describe infertility in 2 words.” Comments revealed what anyone dealing with infertility knows first hand – that infertility is a: Faith testing, Emotional rollercoaster; An invisible Wound But also: Life changing, A disguised blessing; Worth it ******* Being able to reframe infertility into an opportunity for healing and greater self-awareness before … Read more

An Affordable Infertility Treatment Option

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“I need support, not another thing to buy.” A very frustrated infertility patient said this to me earlier this week in her acupuncture session. It really resonated with me. Given the billions of dollars women throw at infertility, is it really about affordability, or was this woman’s angry cry for “support” an indication of how frustrated … Read more

3 Tips to Increase Male Fertility

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When we compare what couples go through to have a baby or to create IVF success, it’s tempting to think that his contribution is less significant. After all, he’s just “giving a sample,” right? Well, yes and no. Sure, it’s easier to evaluate sperm quality than it is to test eggs. Men have far more gametes than we do and he’ll continue replenishing his supply … Read more

Fertile Foods Recipe: Green Soup

Cleansing Green Soup

This is a cleansing, alkalizing (inflammation-reducing)  soup that removes unopposed estrogen from the tissues and supports weight loss. 1-4 Servings, depending on amount of greens used — Approximately 98 calories per serving when using vegetable broth; 15 calories per serving when using water Ingredients: Equal parts of the following, chopped: Green beans Zucchini Celery Asparagus Vegetable … Read more

Fertile Foods Recipe: Savory Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup with pumpkin seeds in a square bowl

This soothing, warm, pureed soup helps prevent cramping and miscarriage by promoting a healthy uterine lining. The mixture of Vitamin E, potassium, and B Vitamins (such as folate, pantothenic acid and Vitamin B6), and are a winning combination to form the membrane of cells, and particularly placental cells! For these reasons, this soup is best … Read more

12 Fertility Insights From The Seed Program

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Insights are new thoughts for you to ponder as you continue going deeper into the spiritual aspect of your baby making journey. There’s truth to each of these insights, and the degree to which you resonate with each one gives an idea of how you might be viewing this time in your life — and if you’re doing so with relative … Read more

11 Fertile Mantras

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One of the biggest ways that The Seed Program has helped its users is by teaching them how to use the Fertile Thoughts, because it’s really different than simply telling yourself not to be negative. Incorporating the Fertile Thoughts into your life works best when you have a fertile mantra to focus on, and ideally you repeat it … Read more

Improve Your Fertility With These Simple Daily Tasks

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This post was originally part of our 12 Days of Christmas email campaign.  Even if women say they feel depressed about their infertility, they still have lots of mental energy swirling in their heads, wondering what they can do to get to their babies. Very often the women who fill the fertility clinics are smart, successful, highly … Read more

6 True Story Videos From The Seed Program

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Sometimes we need to see how other women have made it through harrowing times. How grateful I am that the following 6 women, who once appeared at my office having no reason to believe that a new set of food guidelines and some new thinking would actually turn their situation around, volunteered their very personal … Read more

2 New Fertile Concepts

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As I healed my own fertility, I discovered that the foods I ate, either: Made my period worse and contributed to a general sense of feeling negative, tired, wired or depressed,  OR… After eating I felt satisfied, stabilized, more energetic, and less irritable! I started calling the second group of foods “Fertile Foods” because the more I ate those foods, … Read more

A New Way of Fertile Thinking

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This post was originally part of our 12 Days of Christmas email campaign.  When women say Yes! to having a baby, the experience is supposed to be one of joy. When that joy shows up as disappointment, it doesn’t take long for women to: Lose their sense of “fertile confidence” Compare themselves to friends who have kids … Read more

How to Safely Cleanse After Thanksgiving

Whenever a patient asks me how to cleanse after Thanksgiving, I always suggest they do a gentle cleanse that can pull out synthetic hormones, toxins and sugars from holiday food and indulgences. Because most of my patients are trying to get pregnant, I recommend Phase 1 foods from The Seed Program. These particular foods are high in plant … Read more