The Future of Fertility Is Integrative

Danica Thornberry speaking at a podium

This weekend I had the honor of presenting my experience of Fertility Success Achieved, both personally and professionally, to a community of medical professionals at Yo San University’s Reproductive Medicine Symposium. The overall message of the day from the 11 speakers was that patient outcomes improve drastically through the integration of Eastern + Western medicine. … Read more

The Seed Program Celebrates 8 Years of Successful Pregnancies

Danica Thornberry speaking to a room full of people in a fertility center

That’s me, pregnant and teaching The Seed Program as a live workshop, inside the lobby of California Fertility Partners in Los Angeles eight years ago. Given my successful track record of helping infertile patients, the doctors at CFP agreed to have me teach a class describing how I assisted in the successful pregnancies for over 1,000 patients and subsequently optimized my own formerly-infertile … Read more

My views aren’t very popular, however… they often lead women to their babies

Woman speaking to Danica Thornberry in a treatment room. Crying, sadness

Over the past 17 years, I’ve sat in front of countless crying, discouraged, fearful, grieving women. All of which managed to find their way to my acupuncture office in hopes that the right combination of needles and herbs would help them become pregnant. They didn’t know I would challenge them to become better versions of … Read more

No Longer Identifying with an Infertile Diagnosis

Red head woman looking into the camera in a pink collared shirt

Consider that the average infertile woman frequently gives her power away; to fear and worry, to her infertility diagnosis, and to negative thoughts that lead her nowhere good, searching the internet for reassuring statistics, only to find more reason to be worried and afraid (and disempowered). From repeated disappointments, this woman has become practiced at doubting that her body has the potential … Read more

The Role of Self-Help in Overcoming Infertility – Honoring Louise L. Hay

Watercolor image of a pink and red heart on white background

This weekend Hay House Publishing released the news that founder Louise Hay has passed at the age of 90. To those who don’t know, Louise is to be remembered as the original “self-help” author, with her book You Can Heal Your Life selling more than 50 million copies. As I understand, Louise’s book first started as … Read more

What Did You Get From Your Mom?

Toddler holding her moms hand

So much of Mother’s Day for women trying to get pregnant is about how it STILL HASN’T HAPPENED. As I wrapped up the week of counseling my infertility patients, I reflected on what might be helpful for women who simply want to get to next week and have Mother’s Day over and done with. The days leading to Mother’s Day probably feel somewhat like gearing … Read more

An Affordable Infertility Treatment Option

Bee and sunflower

“I need support, not another thing to buy.” A very frustrated infertility patient said this to me earlier this week in her acupuncture session. It really resonated with me. Given the billions of dollars women throw at infertility, is it really about affordability, or was this woman’s angry cry for “support” an indication of how frustrated … Read more

How to Safely Cleanse After Thanksgiving

Whenever a patient asks me how to cleanse after Thanksgiving, I always suggest they do a gentle cleanse that can pull out synthetic hormones, toxins and sugars from holiday food and indulgences. Because most of my patients are trying to get pregnant, I recommend Phase 1 foods from The Seed Program. These particular foods are high in plant … Read more

3 Secret Ways You May Be Blocking Your Fertility

Frustrated woman with head in hands in a kitchen

So much of the information available for women on how to get pregnant focuses on the best vitamin supplements to take (i.e. CoQ10, Folate & Prenatal) and the list of foods to avoid (caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten, heavy mercury fish, etc). But once you make a trip to the health food store for vitamins, green juice and … Read more

Why A “Healthy Diet” Isn’t Necessarily A Fertile Diet

Woman holding coffee cup looking at phone

Ever stop to think, “I’m doing everything I can to increase my fertility and nothing is working. What gives?” With respect to eating for fertility, we first have to understand that much of the dietary guidance we’re given in America is aimed at cardiovascular health, or to assist with weight loss. We’ve been told to … Read more

How Nurturing Others Helps You Become More Fertile

Mom and elementary school child outside holding hands

Whether you believe it was true for your mother or not, the role of “mother” reveals our innate ability to nurture others, and therefore holds the key to healing certain fertility blocks. Inside The Seed Program, we teach women a concept called “The Spirit of a Mother” and help students become more aware of how they already embody important characteristics of a mother. … Read more

Redefining Our Goal of Fertility Success

Back of a woman at the head of a boat on a lake

Now that I’ve published a book, people have asked if I’m busy promoting it. I wish I could say yes, but instead I’m more focused on teaching right now. The book represents one more completed step along the path to that goal. My focus is so much more on the big picture: helping women learn how to think differently about their infertility. … Read more

A Recipe For Fertility Success

Woman running at sunrise

We all know what to do when we want to lose a few pounds: Eat less and move more. I teach that there’s a similar, simple way to lose some of the mental weight that keeps you feeling emotionally heavy when you’re trying to conceive and it isn’t working as fast as you’d like, or in the way you’d hoped. … Read more